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The Republic of Belarus, Vitebsk,
street. Gorbachev, 5

ОJSC “Vitebskhlebprom”

ОJSC “Vitebskhlebprom” is nowadays presented by 11 modern industrial enterprises which produce a wide assortment of baked and confectionary products. Preserving and developing traditions and quality of these products, we keep up to the times. ОJSC “Vitebskhlebprom” includes 11 plants: Vitebsk, Polotsk, Novopolotsk, Orsha, Verhnedvinsk, Glubokoe, Dokshitsy, Lepel, Miory, Braslav, Novolukoml, SMP “Vitebskhlebstroi” and SP ”Projector”. Total number of people working here is about 2800.
The trading network constantly widens. Nowadays we have 59 sales outlets functioning, 26 of which are branded. In 2011 in a picturesque square of an old city a new café was opened for visitors to come and enjoy the view, called “Knyaz’ Algerd”.
In order to develop and strengthen material and technical base, to update physically outdated technical facility, to adopt new equipment, a great amount of work is performed.
We automatize and computerize production processes and discounting. Boiler- house line, transformer line, compressor line, all they were reconstructed.
The quality of ОJSC “Vitebskhlebprom” production on repeated occasions was noticed with rewards of contests and exhibitions not only at the republican level but also at the international one.