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Lepel Bakery

Lepel Bakery was first mentioned in archival data in 1925. On the 10th of December Lepel consumer society of Borisov district opened a bakery. There were only 2 people at work. From the first of June 1948 the bakery had started to work in a new building. Bakery’s capacity made up 15 tons per day. There were three furnaces of “XP” type.
The basic objective of the brunch “Lepel bakery” and its predecessors was the production of bakery and confectionary products. During the years of existence the enterprise was reconstructed, expanded and restructured. In the 60s three mechanized lines of bakery production were introduced. In the 80s outdated furnaces were substituted for modern ones ФТЛ-2-81 (1987, 1988). Bread baking technology was transferred to liquid yeast.
In 1982 the confectionary workshop was built. In 1985 the factory made a transfer to bulk flour storage, allowing to reduce costs.
In 2001 a mini bakery with two furnaces PT-100 of bakery production was put into operation. That fact helped to improve the quality of bakery products and to expand its assortment. In 2001- 2002 the reconstruction of hearth bread production line had been carried out. Thermophilic starters were introduced. Thanks to this the boiled bread production of high quality increased. The gasification of the factory was fulfilled. In 2002- 2005 the reconstruction of the factory took place. Own boiler room with two boilers (GE-434, 96% efficiency) installation was put into operation.Vapoprex-250 (Italy) steam boiler with 94% efficiency was also installed. In 2004 ФТЛ-2-81 furnace was substituted for energy- saving furnace Г-4-РПА-12 of pan bread production. All this helped to reduce fuel and energy resources consumption, to improve working conditions, to exclude steam supply interruptions.
At the same period dough branch was fully reconstructed. Outdated equipment was substituted for modern one. The switchboard, the laundry, salt branch, warehouse of raw materials, raw materials brunch, freshness of bread preserving camera- all they were reconstructed. Compressor room was also modernized. Two spiral compressors GX-30-7.5 (Sweden) were mounted. A slicing line and a packaging line were mounted and put into operation. Almost all technological equipment was substituted.
И8-55.МОК jigger was purchased, allowing to produce gingerbread, oatmeal cookies, cookies with filling, fancy cakes.
Lepel bakery’s strategic objective is to increase the financial stability of the enterprise and to ensure its long- term development. On the basis of modernization and technological rearmament of the enterprise and profitability achievement of its production and economic activity, we’re going to solve this problem. The equipment of the enterprise, first of all, will be aimed at energy- saving facility introduction, helping to improve the quality of the production, facility allowing to produce import- substituting production.