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The Republic of Belarus, Vitebsk,
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Dokshitsy Bakery

The bakery was built in 1974 on the base of an old bake- house. Bakery workshop, as well as confectionary workshop and office building, was built in 1993.
In order to produce hearth sorts of bread two technological lines were installed. They were equipped with furnaces apt to produce 18 tons of production per day.
It is a Leningrad scheme (with flour brewing) with the help of which rye dough is prepared. It’s made on liquid starters. The technology with sugar welding leavened with thick sourdough is used for boiled sorts of bread. Raw materials have been procured and fruit jam has been produced for own needs for the last years.
In 2007 gas fuel came to the enterprise so that the reconstruction and technical rearmament took place. In December there was a substitution of ФТЛ and ХПЯ furnaces for new ones: Rotor Agro3 for bakery production, TUBIX for hearth bread baking. The previous year (in 2006) the line of thermophilic starter production had been put into operation.
In 2008 dough dividing line “VOSHOD” was purchased.
In 2009 it became necessary to purchase one more Rotor Agro furnace for confectionary production.
In 2010 thanks to increasing number of applications on bakery products one more Rotor Agro3 furnace for hearth bread baking was purchased and mounted.
In 2011 a new distribution point was opened. In September the second TUBIX furnace of hearth bread production was put into service.
The factory works only on applications provided by trading points. That’s why there is always fresh bread on the counters of Dokshitsy shops. The production has been also brought to Minsk shops since 2009.
In the year of 2005 and 2006 the enterprise took part in a competition called “Bread and Confectionary business”, where it was rewarded with Bronze medals for its pan bread.
Nowadays the bakery produces a wide assortment of bakery and confectionary production. The bakery carries out the requirements of trading organizations and customers.