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Braslav Bakery

On the 25th of March in 1991 Braslav bakery was put into operation. Design capacity of the bakery is: 45 tons of bakery products and 0.7 ton of confectionary one per day. The production of rye dough is held on a liquid leaven. Dough fermentation takes place at a dej circular conveyor. There were two complex- mechanized lines of pan bread production, universal mechanized line of hearth bread production and universal mechanized line of small- pieces products production installed at the bakery.
The collective constantly works for the future. In 2000 the introduction of an artesian well let us reduce costs by 50% for 1 cubic meter of water. In 2001 the workshop of soft drinks bottling was put into service. In the conditions of market relations the collective does its best to increase the competitiveness of production.
The assortment of bakery and confectionary products was expanded significantly. Hearth bread production and confectionary production were mastered. The production in packaged form is produced. We’re always in search of the way of reducing costs.
In 2006 the equipment was purchased and puff pastry production was mastered.
In 2007 the system of quality management STB ISO 9001 was introduced.
The gasification of boiler room was done. Electric bakery furnaces were substituted for gas ones. Two PRO-1 furnaces of bakery production were put into service. AXA VAPOR multi hearth furnace with loading and unloading mechanism and Г4-ХПФ-20С gas furnace of pan bread production were mounted.
In 2008 an electric furnace of confectionary workshop was substituted for gas REAL- FORNI one.
New kinds of production have been produced since 2009 such as kvass and fishing bait. In 2010 in order to reduce the consumption of energy resources the modernization of boiler room equipment was carried out. Gas water heating boiler “PREXTHETERM” RSV- 525 was put into service. The equipment was purchased and the production of new kinds of cookies was mastered.
The capacity of the bakery nowadays makes up 17 tons of bakery products per day and 130 tons of confectionary products per year. We also produce 120000 decaliters of bottled water and soft drinks. Up to 8 tons of bakery and confectionary products are produced daily. The assortment of soft drinks makes up 15 nominations. The factory constantly updates and widens the assortment of production. In 2009 on the base of bakery and confectionary waste the production of fishing bait was mastered. Such a drink as kvass is produced for large number of campers, resting on the lake beaches of Braslav region. Nowadays we’re working to expand the assortment of soft drinks.