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The Republic of Belarus, Vitebsk,
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Glubokoe Bakery

Glubokoe bakery was built in 1974. The factory had been built for 2 years. It became a new building of a tenth five- year plan. The capacity of the factory made up 32 tons of bakery products and 60 tons of rye pan bread. A confectionary workshop was put into service. It occupied the place of existing area. The technology of flour confectionary products was mastered. (Gingerbread, sponge cakes)
In 1994 an open type warehouse of bulk storage of flour was built and put into service apt to store about 250 tons.
In 1997 in order to satisfy the needs of production, the technology of artificial honey and apple jam was mastered.
In September 2001 the line was mounted and the technology of liquid starter production with thermophilic lactid acid bacteria was mastered. That helped to organize the production of improved boiled sorts of bread. In order to expand the assortment of production, in December 2001 the technology of pasta production was mastered. The reconstruction of the third line of boiled hearth bread production was carried out. A working place of crackers and toasts production was also organized.
Nowadays the bakery is equipped with dough- furnace units with ФТЛ-2-81, Г4-ХПФ-12, Monsoon Rotor furnaces. The capacity of the bakery is 20 tons of bakery products, and 0.9 ton of confectionary ones per day. Glubokoe bakery has 3 chain sores, and a stand called “hot bread” situated on the territory of the bakery. Also a visiting trade is put into force.
Nearest priority objective of the bakery is to increase the production of hearth sorts of bread on the base of Г4-ХПФ-16М furnace. That will help to increase the volume of production, to improve its quality and competitiveness. For the year 2012 the reconstruction of confectionary workshop is going to take place. All hygiene requirements will be taken into account. The basic task for the bakery is to supply population’s demand with bakery and confectionary products of high quality and right assortment. The second task is to get necessary financial resources for development and production updating.