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Verhnedvinsk bakery

Drissy bakery restarted the production of bread in 1944 after liberation of territory from Nazis. Up to 5 tons of pan bread was produced per day. In 1962, in connection with city Drissy renaming to city Verhnedvinsk, the bakery, built on the base of the old one, started to carry the name of Verhnedvinsk.
In 1998 a new bakery was built and put into operation. The power of that bakery made up 40 tons per day. There were two technological lines of pan bread production and one line of bakery products production on the basis of ХПЯ-25 furnace installed at the bakery. At the same time a new construction of boiler room was completed. In 1988 a new building of confectionary workshop was introduced, which made it possible to organize the production of cakes, fancy- cakes, gingerbread and cookies.
In 1999 the line of pasta production was mounted. In 2000 the line was complemented with cabinets for drying. In 2002 the production of fruit flavored wine made from concentrated juice was organized. Almost at the same time the workshop of raw fruit acceptance was introduced. That allowed us to organize the production of fermented alcoholized juice.
For the period of 2009- 2011 Verhnedvinsk bakery had mastered a wide assortment of wines: “Taezhniy roman”, “Tsarskiy Kabachok”, “Fruit- citrus sad”, “Smuglyanochka”, “Driad”, Apple Sangriya”, “Dubravinka”, “Golubka madernoe”, “Izubritsa modernoe”.
Jam production is mastered: apple unsterilized jam, crimson unsterilized jam, blackberry unsterilized jam, all they are produced at the factory. We have our own bread developments including bread with jam of own production. The production of wine with the help of special technology is also mastered.
The furnace of pan bread production was substituted for Г4-РПА-12 gas furnace. New roll dough machine was purchased. At the confectionary workshop BEST FOR, РОТОР-АГРО furnaces were installed in order to bake confectionary products. A trim pastry machine was also installed there.