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Polotsk bakery

Polotsk bakery was built in 1933. Its power was about 30 tons of bakery products per day. During the Great Patriotic War it was completely demolished. The recovery of this bakery started in 1944.
In 1996 the construction of the second bakery was finished where 3 technological lines with БН-25 furnaces had been installed. In 1980- 1990 in order to increase the output of production, the furnaces ФТЛ- 2 were substituted for ХПА- 40. New yeast area, a chamber of production bins and an open type warehouse were built.
From 2002 till 2009 we’d done great work to upgrade the enterprise. We made a transition to gas fuel. A new line of pasty production in small packages was installed (sauces, mustard, jam). The line of small- sized and bakery products was mounted and put into operation at the workshop №1. 2 rotary furnaces on gas fuel were purchased (“Bassanina” Italy, models ROTOR- 89). The furnaces ППЦ -238 were put into operation at the workshop №1. Two furnaces ФТЛ-1 were substituted for dough- furnace unit Г4-РПА-12.
From 2008 till 2009 the workshop №2 had been reconstructed. The line of extrusion products production (“Clextral” France) was put into operation (rye- bread, wheat bread, either with filling or without it). The power of this line is about 120 – 130kg per hour (bread without filling), 150 kg per hour (bread with filling)
In 2007 Polotsk bakery developed and introduced the system of quality management of bakery products production, it complies with the requirements of STB ISO 9001- 2001. All bakery products produced at the enterprise are certified.
In 2010 boiler house reconstruction with transition to gas fuel took place. The heating system was modernized.
In 2011 a new line of hearth bread production on the base of the furnace PPP-2,1.25.211 Du,R.ST was installed. The assortment of produced production is: bread, bakery products, toast bread, doughnuts products, zwiebacks, breadcrumbs, confectionary products, sauces, mustard, extrusion production, puff pastry. The enterprise includes primary and secondary production. And such non- productive units as recreation center and hostel.