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Orsha Bakery

70 years ago Orsha bakery was placed in operation. There were 3 bakery XB furnaces installed at the enterprise. The power of these furnaces made up 38 tons per day. At the time of The Great Patriotic War the bakery was completely demolished. Thanks to workers’ self- sacrificing labour, as early as in a month the reconstructed plant managed to release their first production. In 1963 a new plant was built which helped to widen the collective opportunity to use progressive technologies. Orsha bakery was the first to master rye- bread production on liquid ferments. In 1970 ХПА- 40 high power furnaces were installed. Solid fuel for boiler house was substituted for liquid one so that we could produce120 tons of so called brick bread per day.
1983 is the year of gas fuel boiler house transition.
The release of boiled sorts of bread in 1996 was the result of technical rearmament. Owing to increasing demand of baked products Mini bakery was purchased and put into operation in order to produce such products as baguette, white hearth bread, toast bread.
In 2002 the pan bread line was reconstructed. ХПА-40 furnace was substituted for Г-4-РПА -15М furnace unit, which let us produce not only mass sorts of bread but also improved boiled pan bread sorts and get production with more pronounced flavor. Besides the introduction of this furnace let us reduce the fuel rate and to accomplish energy saving plan.
Sizable changes took place in 2003 when the furnace with facility package of hearth boiled bread production was substituted for a new updated and economically profitable one. Together with all this the fermentation room was reconstructed. Zymotic containers were substituted. Strain- measuring method of component dosing was introduced and that helped to stabilize dough process and improved the quality of production.
The heart of the factory is the area of baked products production, which produces up to 30 tons per day. (pan bread, boiled bread, loaves and so on) All in all, there are 20 nomenclatures. There are two Т4-ХПФ-20 furnaces, PEP- ISOR furnace, Г4-ХПФ-16 furnace, two PRO-1 furnaces installed at the workshop. All they are intended to produce different sorts of bread.
Bread “Boyarin Orsha”, wheat bread “Zorka”, buns “Pampushki (rich) sdobnie with garlic and parsley” were rewarded with medals and diplomas at the fourth All- Russian quality review of baked products “Innovations and traditions in bread baking 2011” and therefore called the “visiting card” of the factory. The factory constantly takes part in competitions, exhibitions. It was awarded with medals on repeated occasions.
There are 13 nomenclatures of bun, rich goods, loaves, pies and other rich production, produced on the fine- piece line. All customers know and appreciate the released production: doughnuts “Detskie”, pie “Dary oseni”, loaf “Voskresnyi” and other production. There are packing and slicing areas, equipped with modern machines and devices, which help to improve an aesthetic look and to increase the lead time of baked products. 145 tons per month of sliced bread and 330 tons of packed bread are released and this is not the limit.
Confectionary products are produced at two areas: puff product area and soft confectionary area. About 850 kg of confectionary products are produced per day. These products are: sponge and layer cakes, fancy cakes, flour sweets, cakes, roll- ups, bisquits, gingerbread. The assortment of confectionary products is very wide and is constantly updated. Orsha bakery cakes are very popular among the population. A cake is a kind of confectionary product which not only holds the position of popularity, but also represents certain bunch of traditions, it is the symbol of any weekend and wellbeing.
The factory produces different kind of cakes apt to satisfy the desire of the most fastidious customer. To the abundance of confectionary products we can add six nomenclatures of zwiebacks, 4 nominations of butter cakes, 5 nominations of gingerbread.
Orsha bakery has its own trading network. Nowadays it is represented by 5 pavilions and 4 shops. One of them is called “Lada”. It was built in 1998 on the territory of the factory. With the help of its own trading network 9,7% of baked and 22,4% of confectionary products are released.