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The Republic of Belarus, Vitebsk,
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ОJSC “Vitebskhlebprom”

ОJSC “Vitebskhlebprom” without branches – is a big, modern, technically equipped
Enterprise which includes:
--- Workshop № 1 with the power of 40 tons per day, specialized in pan bread and hearth bread production.
--- Workshop № 2 with the power of 30 tons per day, specialized in production of bakery products, 3 tons of confectionary products.
--- Bake- house № 2 with the power of 6.0 tons per day, specialized in rich fermented and bun goods production.
--- Bake- house № 1 with the power up to 3.0 tons per day, specialized in cracker goods production.

All sorts of bread are worked out with the help of a complex technology using thermophilic, sour milk ferment and variegate from one another by adding pumpkin, sunflower seeds, kvass mash concentrate, invert syrup, fennel, garlic and other natural adjuncts in the receipt.
In 2006 the line specialized in hearth bread production was installed on the base of the oven PPP 2,5.50.211. made in Czech. It produces such bread as “Staradauni Vitebsk”, buckwheat diabetic, “Avrora”.
In 2007 tunnel gas furnace PPP 2,5.34 was installed, which nowadays produces 11 nominations of bread. Such bread as “Dvinski gastinec” with dried plums, dried grapes, sunflower seeds; “Gorodskaya ratusha”, “Vityaz’”, “Jaleika” appetizing with bacon and so on.
In 2010 an outdated aggregate on the base of the furnace ХПА- 40 was substituted for a new line of pan bread on the base of the furnace PPP- 34 made in Czech, and second aggregate on the base of the furnace ХПА- 40 was substituted for a complex- powered line, specialized on production of hearth bread on the base of the furnace PPP- 25 made in Czech.
The quality of our production is confirmed by medals and diplomas of All- Russian and Republican quality reviews. Such bread as “Nesterka”, “Gorodskaya Ratusha”, Dvinskiy desertniy”, Gostinniy dvor”, “Vitebskaya ratusha”, “Severnaya stolica”; Dietic bread nominations – buckwheat diabetic new, “Dvinskiy”, “Mirage”. Italian ring- shaped cracknels “Bon appetite” won gold medals at the international exhibitions.
In 2009 two 2- layer tunnel furnaces (“Mondial Matick”) were built up and put into operation (Italy)
The installation of these two furnaces gave us a chance to improve the quality of products and reduce energy intensity of the production. The enterprise produces a wide assortment of competitive import- substituting products:
- “Chocolate collection” includes about 30 nominations of cakes, flour confectionary with period of storage up to 30 days.
- “A wide assortment of flour confectionary with fillings, and cookie, produced with the help of the automaton Rheon; (fancy cakes, “Milk truffles”, Set of sweets “Vitebsk souvenir and so on.)

e- mail: info@vhp.by, marketing@vhp.by
Together with beloved products such as cakes “Shokoladnica”, the experts of ОJSC “Vitebskhlebprom” produced a new collection of cakes “Shokoladnica” of lesser weighing (380- 410g) and 3 nominations of cakes “Shokoladnica” with a new semi- product on the basis of peanut paste. (“Lyubimaya”, “Osennyaya”, “Arahisovaya”)
There is a rich assortment of cakes and fancy- cakes with reduced calorific capacity, with fresh fruit, vegetable cream, jelly, pot cheese; with modern styling (such as “Fruit motive”, “Tvorojniy with kiwi”, “Svejest’”, “Solnechniy luchik”, “Veselie zveryata”, fancy- cakes “karamel’niy surprise”, “Shokoladniy kapriz”)
We managed to master the release of dietic confectionary products as well as dietic products with usage of wheat cooked cereal (bread “Smak”), composite mixture “Minsk №1” (bread “Vitebskiy”), Selenium enriched production (“Mirage”), iodine (hot- dog buns,
“Streletskiy”, “Original”)
In 2010 a new machine Aladin 600 (Italy) was installed. With its help we managed to produce the cookies of different forms and color, using different kind of fillings. The productivity of that machine is about 100 kg per hour. Nowadays we have 7 nominations of that product.
ОJSC “Vitebskhlebprom” exports bakery and confectionary products for the customers of Smolensk, Pskov, Kaluga, Moscow and St- Petersburg regions. Thanks to exported goods (1 thousand tons of bakery products and 30 tons of confectionary ones), we got more than 1 million dollars for the previous year of 2010.