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Novopolotsk Bakery

The development and steady growth of the population helped Novopolotsk Bakery to grow and reach the power of 65 tons per day. On the 28th of September in 1990 the bakery was put into operation. Starting from October mass output of production took place. After a year, the bakery managed to supply the city of Novopolotsk, rural areas and military warehouses with bakery products.
In the year of 1991 the line of brewing cakes production was mounted. The same year, the bakery launched the production of sugar sweets of dragee type. The line of breadcrumbs production was mounted.
Judging by the latest tendencies on the bread baking market, the production of new not so traditional kinds of bread is increasing. Taking into consideration Belarussian traditions of bread production new kinds of bread are created. First off all these are rye- bread sorts with usage of malt, cumin, syrup, mashed potatoes with technologies helping to improve taste qualities and preserve bread from staling.
Unleavened bread occupies a special place in the assortment of production. Its output in 2009 made up 209 tons. Novopolotsk bakery produces competitive production. Nowadays the factory produces 15 kinds of rye- wheat bread both pan and hearth ones, 2 kinds of wheat bread, wide range of bakery and rich products. The assortment is constantly updated. The technologies are developed in order to improve the quality of production to increase the period of storage.
A great deal of attention is paid to the decoration of the product, its form and package. Technological equipment gives us an opportunity of bread slicing and pre- packing of the products of different weight categories.
The modernization of the basic technological equipment helped to widen the assortment of rye- wheat bread, to improve its quality. Novopolotsk bakery is a monopolist of brewing cakes with condensed milk production. This production is popular not only among the citizens but also among the population of surrounding areas. The production is also delivered to the city of Vitebsk.
In 2010 the production of cakes was mastered. The factory pays special attention to custom- made cakes for any kind of weekend. Wedding cakes, anniversary cakes, corporate cakes, children’s cakes of different weight, they are all made with love by our confectioners and always in demand among the citizens.
At the end of 2010 a complex- mechanized line of oatmeal cookies, shortcakes, flour sweets, gingerbread production was launched. Nowadays the line produces about 20 nominations of production.