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The Republic of Belarus, Vitebsk,
street. Gorbachev, 5

Novolukoml Bakery

The history of Novolukoml bakery started on the 16th of October in 1978. The first line was put into operation and the first production was produced that day.
1996 is a landmark year for the enterprise. The line of gingerbread and cookie production was mounted and launched. From that moment about 70 nominations of gingerbread and 40 nominations of cookies have been mastered. The production is demanded not only among the citizens of Novolukoml but also outside Vitebsk region. The enterprise’s specialists developed more than 40 recipes for cakes, cookies and baking sweets.
In 2002 in order to reduce energy intensity of production the boiler room was transferred to natural gas consumption.
From 2005 the reconstruction of the enterprise had begun. The condition of production changed significantly: electric furnace П-104 had been substituted for gas furnace Г-4 ХПН-25. Dough equipment, dough divider, bowl, all they were purchased and mounted. Those activities, aimed at technical rearmament, gave a chance to produce hearth bread.
In 2006 in order to bake pan bread, gas furnace Г4-ХПН-25 was modernized. With the help of that we managed to escape from another electric energy- consuming furnace. In 2007, in order to produce bakery products, electric furnace А2-ХПЯ-25 was substituted for two gas rotary furnaces PT-150G.
One of the requirements of modern consumer market is a high quality packaging. That’s why in 2007 a packing machine «Питпак-2В» for gingerbread and cookies was purchased. At the same time a semi- automatic packaging line ItalDibiPack 5540 for pan and hearth bread was bought. In the second half of 2008 a jigger И8-МФУ/600 for gingerbread with filling production was purchased. From the moment the machine had been started, we mastered four gingerbread nominations with different thermally stable fillers.
In 2009 gas furnace Г4-ХП2,1-25 of pan and hearth bread production was mounted and put into operation. In 2010, the electric furnace ПИК-8 of gingerbread and cookie production was substituted for gas furnace Г4-КПГ-06
Nowadays the range of products is about 130 nominations including 50 bakery and 80 confectionary ones. About 40 nominations of products are produced every day. Novolukoml Bakery constantly takes part in regional, republican and international contests such as “The best foodstuffs of RB”, “Lasunak”, “National traditions of bread baking” and has been awarded with different prizes.
Retail network is represented by two chain stores “Kolos” and “Karavai”